Welcome to the Code Blog

Posted on Thu 18 May 2017 in Site

Welcome to shawnr.com. This is a code blog. I've been meaning to begin a blog like this for awhile now. This week I'm at PyCon 2017, and, as so often happens when I attend big, inspiring conference, I felt compelled to take notes. Of course, I want to share these notes with my students and colleagues and everyone else.

So here we are. During the welcome session this morning I tossed together this site powered by Pelican and using the Flex theme. This was not serious work, and it was a lot of fun. (Another thing I've been meaning to do is play with Pelican, so here we go: two birds with one stone.)

I will be posting notes from PyCon 2017, and I hope that is not where I will stop with this blog. I have ambitions to post occasional essays, articles or tutorials about how to do things, and smaller posts addressing smaller topics. I have no idea how often I'll update this blog. I just hope it's enough to be useful.

I don't plan to enable comments, but please feel free to message me anytime if you have anything to add or ask about the posts on this site. You can find me using the links in the left sidebar.

So, welcome to the new thing. I look forward to seeing where this goes. Thanks for joining me.